Fairness Advisory Services

Fairness Advisory Services

As Fairness Consultants, we act as an objective, third party observer who monitors the procurement process to ensure that it is conducted in a fair manner and provide a written attestation and/or report on our findings. We provide assurance that the procurement processes undertaken by our clients are fair, open, transparent and compliant with all regulatory requirements. P1 Consulting’s team of fairness professionals has significant experience providing a range of fairness mandate, including:

Fairness Advisor:
Our team will become involved during the planning process and provide advice around the design of the procurement process, risk mitigation strategies and evaluation methodology to ensure the desired outcomes are reached.

Fairness Monitor:
P1 becomes involved prior to the release of the solicitation to monitor the process to ensure it unfolds in a fair, open and transparent manner that is compliant with the documentation and relevant policy framework.

Fairness Auditor:
Upon completion of a procurement process P1 experts perform a comprehensive review of records and documents and conducts interviews with participants to confirm that the process was conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner. Regardless of the type of project, in performing the role of Fairness Consultant, three perspectives or “lenses” are used to ensure the integrity of the entire procurement process, specifically:

  • Compliance Perspective:Does the process align with applicable legislation, trade agreements, policy and practices?
  • Proponents’ Perspective: Are the procurement processes and associated documents fair, transparent and written in a manner that is clear, unambiguous and free of bias and favouritism? Were the disclosed criteria and processes followed?
  • Client’s Perspective: Is the procurement process designed in a manner that will enable clients to achieve their business outcome.

Our clients have indicated that P1 differentiates itself in the following manner:

  • Solution Focused: When matters arise, we work collaboratively to find solutions which assist our clients to meet their business objectives while ensuring the fairness and integrity of the process is maintained. Our practical, hands on approach, facilitates knowledge transfer to our clients.
  • Responsiveness: We schedule our work to accommodate the needs of our clients. We are able to respond quickly to address issues that arise or documents that need to be reviewed.
  • Knowledge: We have extensive experience in fairness mandates, which ensures that our clients benefit from the lessons learned on other mandates and our knowledge of emerging best practices.
  • Tool Kits: We have assembled our practices and templates into a tool kit used by all team members to ensure a consistent and cost effective approach to each engagement.


…you delivered practical and insightful advice in response to challenges that our organization had never faced before. The kind of advice that you can use to make difficult decisions with the comfort of being accurate. Advice that only comes from an expert knowledge of how we do business and what the Government is trying to achieve.
You were a valued thought partner in crafting the difficult solutions necessary to make the process credible and sustainable. You were proactive, at the expense of your own personal time, but always to our benefit. You were accountable and fair, in a way that creates enduring trust and respect. Perhaps most demonstrative of all, you did not flinch under the intensity of tough politics, unreasonable expectations, or our every changing demands.
– Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Ontario

P1 Consulting has extensive P3 project fairness experience and added value by providing subject matter expertise in a timely manner. The firm's knowledge of fairness and procurement practices was invaluable in delivering the procurement in a fair and open manner. Any issues that arose during the evaluation phase were addressed efficiently, balancing fairness issues with the ability to deliver a successful outcome.
– Executive Director, SaskBuilds