How we make a difference

Founded in 2000, P1 Consulting is a dynamic and progressive Canadian consulting firm with a strong reputation in fairness advisory, procurement, complex outsourcing arrangements and facilities management solutions. P1 serves leading, national and international businesses and public sector agencies including municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions.

By design, we are a small, boutique firm with offices in both Ottawa and Toronto. We are a flexible and organic company that evolves and adapts as quickly as the industries we advise, to ensure that we always remain on the leading edge of best practices.

We are a dedicated team of experts focused on providing our clients with the knowledge, tools and support to reach their business objectives.

Our Values

Flexibility to Meet
our Client’s Specific
Project Needs

P1 knows that our clients’ knowledge, experience and commitment leads to successful project implementations. As a result, our involvement varies from project to project depending on how active a role our clients wish to take. Our flexible and modular fee structure enables clients to draw us into their project where it makes the most sense.

Providing Cost
Effective Solutions
that Maximize Value
for Money

Our advisors are experts who work with clients to ensure there is knowledge transfer throughout the project. Our experts’ credibility facilitates buy-in from all stakeholders. The P1 team delivers results quickly, reducing overall project costs. P1 also has a market presence and an excellent understanding of what it takes to make a project attractive to achieve the “best value”.

Commitment to
Working for Buying

P1 does not provide financial accounting or auditing services and, therefore, we are completely independent, avoiding any potential conflict of interest on projects and with potential bidders. We do not represent any potential suppliers in any capacity.