Procurement Advisory Services

P1 Consulting’s experts are well-positioned to provide the full spectrum of both strategic and process advice in addition to support with execution across the entire procurement and contract management lifecycle. Our services are designed to assist clients with the design, development and execution of procurement projects that achieve best value and are open, fair, and transparent.

Procurement Process Advice

We review and validate the end-to-end procurement process to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the process and enhance customer satisfaction.

Policies, Procedures and Procurement Best Practices

We develop policies and procedures to assure that the procurement function is conducted in an open, fair and transparent manner, compliant with relevant regulatory requirements and incorporating industry best practices.


We establish performance metrics and monitoring tools to assess the performance of the procurement function and identify areas for improvement.

Procurement Support

Pre-Issue Stage

Planning and Strategy Development: We ensure the procurement project is set for success before it is issued through a focus on up front-planning and issues identification. Our approach to planning is divided into four areas; clarification of business objectives and requirements, risk assessment, options analysis and preparation of the RFx documentation.

Issue Stage

Communication with the bidders during the open period is an important process that can add value and improve project outcome. The P1 Procurement Tool Kit includes processes that support fair and transparent communication with the bidders, including those that are of commercially confidential nature.

Post Close (Evaluation) Stage

Advice on evaluation tools and processes to ensure the integrity of the evaluation process. Evaluator training, issues resolution and development of the negotiation strategy are services that we can provide as needed.

Contract Management & Supplier Performance Management

Clients are provided with the knowledge and tools to manage contracts and vendor performance throughout the life of the agreement.


Training and Development

Knowledge transfer is part P1’s corporate philosophy. We provide training on all phases of the procurement and contract management processes. Training is supported by our comprehensive Procurement Tool Kit. Our goal is to ensure that at the end of our engagement clients have the knowledge and tools required to effectively and successfully undertake future procurement projects.